How To Become a Professional Reunion Planner

I’m interested in becoming a professional reunion planner, how do I become one? Do you provide training?

We currently do not provide training. We suggest that you first contact one of our NARM reunion planners to gain some insight to the reunion planning industry. Then seek the advice of a professional business manager and/or financial advisor. You should also seek assistance from an attorney. The attorney can help you set up proper contracts for your employees, committees, and vendors and be in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

One of the best moves a new reunion planner can make is to join NARM. Joining NARM will enable you to network with the many professional reunion planners of NARM. Several members have been in the High School Class Reunion Planning Industry for over 15 years and are willing to assist you in your reunion planning business. With your membership to NARM, you receive many great resources and tools to better your business. One of these is the invitation to attend the annual NARM conference. Here you will explore new ideas; enjoy massive networking amongst members, meet our vendors and review their products and services that are geared specifically for the reunion industry to help you plan class reunions and much more. The conference is a great asset to anyone’s reunion planning business.

To find out more information on joining NARM, please contact the NARM Administrative Assistant at 1-800-654-2776 or email to: