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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Your High School Reunion

  Reason #10  Because you won’t know unless you go! Reason #9  Some classmates are traveling thousands of miles to be there. Reason #8  Do you want your yearbook picture to be the last thing they remember about you? Reason #7  Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time and laugh like a…

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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your High School Reunion

Facebook is a great tool to promote a high school reunion and build excitement about the event.  Classmates who are part of the reunion committee can easily take turns posting on the class reunion Facebook group or page, as well as responding to posts by other classmates. The more active the page, the better. Posts…

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Fun Conversation Starter for Your High School Reunion

This is a fun idea for your high school reunion. As a reunion icebreaker, post this question to see how your classmates might answer:  Before our next reunion, I want to… How interesting to find out what your classmates want to accomplish in their lifetimes. Be sure to take pictures of the responses so you…

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5 Things to Do the Month Before Your High School Reunion

Decide what to wear. Whatever the dress code, it is most important to be comfortable in your own personal style.  If you’re more confident in a pantsuit than a cocktail dress, wear it.  No one will remember what you wore, only what a great time they had.  Confidence is the best accessory. Think about what stories…

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