The History of NARM

Welcome to our first blog post for 2012 at The goal with our blog is to provide insight, information, ideas and wonderful stories related to high school reunion planning.

You may be asking, ‘What is and who makes up the National Association of Reunion Managers?’ Well, the association is a group of professional reunion management companies from across the country. The purpose of the association is to form a collective that promotes the reunion industry, provides ongoing educational & networking opportunities for members and that stays on top of current trends & successes for high school reunions.

The reunion industry came about during the tech boom of the 1980s. When there was a need to be met in assisting volunteer committees with planning their high school reunion. When technology caught up with the need to provide assistance in the areas of locating alumni, database management, mailings, event management and production of memento items.

From those early years, when the industry was in its infancy, the National Association of Reunion Managers was formed in 1985 to provide a network for reunion planning companies to learn from each other, share resources and promote this new and unique industry.

In the late 90s, the reunion management industry had blossomed into several hundred companies across the U.S. and nearly every metropolitan area had the benefit of at least one company servicing the high school reunion-planning niche. The Internet’s popularity enhanced our services, making it easier for alumni to connect about their reunion before and after the event.

The reunion planning business has continued to grow and adapt to meet the needs of those planning as well as those attending their high school reunions.

Committees elect to work with a reunion planning company for a variety of reasons. One of the prime reasons is that the company will absorb the headaches and hassles of planning the reunion.  In today’s hectic and frenzied-paced life, who doesn’t want to alleviate stress from their lives? Another reason is because a reunion manager has the expertise to do the job right; we offer guidance on the current reunion trends, ways to enhance the reunion experience for the classmates and our tried and true methods of reunion promotion.  For most member reunion planning companies, we have managed over 500 reunions. This experience provides a treasure trove of ideas, suggestions and insight of what not to do and what works well at a high school reunion.

We look forward to having you follow this blog as we share the best (and worst) of what we’ve seen and experienced as professionals in the world of high school reunions.