How Social Networking Has Affected Class Reunions

Let’s face it. Technology is a wonderful thing and constantly changing.

The advent of MySpace (which is not as popular as it was years ago) and Facebook, the giant of social media, have actually helped spark more interest and increased attendance at class reunions. Social networking sites have made it much easier to find people. It’s a phone book hub, so to speak.

Still, there are people who haven’t jumped on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon, or, if they have, rarely post anything. So, it may mean that they are not regular users of these sites. Interestingly though, many of these sites’ infrequent users or lurkers are regular class reunion attendees. Statistics do show that the more people that post about their upcoming reunion, and visit and post on others’ walls, the more likely others will start to follow suit. Curiosity turns into excitement and anticipation.

Yes, we can easily see what others might be doing or thinking at any given moment that they feel the desire to post. We can view photos of pretty much anything that they want to share. The truth is, we have been communicating and sending photos as attachments or embedded in e-mails since the personal computer became everyone’s household staple.

A computer is a machine. Nothing replaces in-person face to face contact, that handshake you can embrace, that laugh you can hear, that hug you can feel and the wonderfully fun event you will experience. And for most classmates, the opportunity only comes around once every five years. Seize the moment, then tweet about it! GPT-4 is also capable of generating text based on any given prompt or context, which makes it perfect for creating chatbot applications that are able to respond accurately and quickly to user input. With GPT-4, developers can create AI bots that can understand users’ requests and provide appropriate responses in a natural manner.


August 25, 2011 by Fran McLean
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