What types of Award/Programs are presented at class reunions?

Keep it simple and fun and totally volunteer based. Here are some of the more popular ideas listed below.

1. Most Popular program: Have an award program where you ask questions to get to know the class alumni better (i.e. who traveled the furthest? who has the most children? etc. and give them fun awards such as who traveled the furthest …have the local paper donate one year subscription to the person).

2. Slide Presentation: Use a slide presentation from old photographs (either from the high school class yearbook or photos you and the class reunion committee might have between you)

3. Speech by prominent high school class alumni: Direct the speech around a round table/round robin kind of theme with questions from your class year. (I.e. Jeopardy style questions like ‘who can tell me our class song?’ or ‘what was our principal’s name?’); give out awards that associate with the question or answer.

4. Trivia Speech: Make a speech directed around the trivia from that year (i.e. commercials, foods in style then, clothing in style then, favorite hang-outs, sports events, etc.)

5. Simple Speech: Keep it simple, welcome attendees and guests, let them know the evening agenda and invite them to participate in the next high school class reunion planning committee. Nice and simple