How To Select a NARM Planner

How To Choose A Professional High School Class Reunion Planner

To ensure the success of your class reunion, is important that you choose a reunion planner that is professional and experienced. We have comprised a list of guidelines and suggestions to help choose a professional reunion planner.

Familiar With Your Region
Find a reunion planner who lives or works in your area as they will be familiar with the schools and facilities which best suit your needs.

Training & Experience
Make sure the reunion planner has several years experience planning high school reunions as a full-time occupation.

Variety Of Choices
Beware of reunion packages that contain little or no flexibility. The reunion planner should be willing to provide choices and variation for each class.

Ask For References
Be sure to ask for references. A professional reunion planner will gladly provide references and answer any questions about past reunions and locating high school alumni.

Get A Written Contract
Protect yourself by insisting on a written contract which clearly states the reunion ticket price, services, and products to be offered by the NARM professional reunion planner.