What can a professional reunion planner do for my reunion planning committee?

High school class reunion planners take the hassle out of planning a reunion, allowing the class reunion committee to take the credit and have fun. Professional reunion planners know how to find high school classmates, the most difficult task of planning a high school reunion. Reunion planners provide one place of contact for consistent and up-to-date information. Members of the National Association of Reunion Managers follow strict industry standards, adhering to a Code of Ethics. High school class reunion planners have strong contacts with hotels, banquet facilities, caterers, DJs, and more. Best of all, the committee still maintains the decision making power while working with a professional class reunion planner.

There are no upfront costs to the committee for using a class reunion planner, although there may be a deposit. The reunion planner incorporates a nominal fee into the overall ticket price. The services provided by professional reunion planners include: locating high school alumni, paying up-front costs, organizing events, preparing and mailing announcements and registrations, web sites with secured on-line registration, toll-free phone numbers, email and fax, coordinating registrations and confirmations, credit card processing, deposit, bill paying, music and photography, memory books, contacting local media, the school and alumni association, staffing events, liability insurance, and more! There are other services that each individual reunion planner provides accordingly to each individual reunion need.

Click here to learn more about planning a high school reunion using a professional reunion planner. Click here for tips on choosing a reunion planner.

I’m interested in becoming a professional reunion planner, how do I become one? Do you provide training?

We currently do not provide training. We suggest that you first contact one of our NARM reunion planners to gain some insight to the reunion planning industry. Then seek the advise of a professional business manager and/or financial advisor. You should also seek assistance from an attorney. The attorney can help you set up proper contracts for your employees, committees, and vendors and be in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

One of the best moves a new reunion planner can make is to join NARM. Joining NARM will enable you to network with the many professional reunion planners of NARM. Several members have been in the High School Class Reunion Planning Industry for over 15 years and are willing to assist you in your reunion planning business. With your membership to NARM, you receive many great resources and tools to better your business. One of these is the invitation to attend the annual NARM conference. Here you will explore new ideas; enjoy massive networking amongst members, meet our vendors and review their products and services that are geared specifically for the reunion industry to help you plan class reunions and much more. The conference is a great asset to anyone’s reunin planning business. To find out more information on joining NARM, please contact the NARM Administrative Assistant at 1-800-654-2776 or email to: [email protected]

I’ve sent in my payment but haven’t received a receipt.

It is common that high school class alumni do not receive class reunion tickets. Your confirmation is your cleared check or credit card transaction. Your name will appear on a guest list at the registration table. If you’d feel more comfortable confirming your registration, please contact the professional reunion planner organizing your class reunion. If you need assistance in your reunion planner, please phone the NARM Administrative Assistant at 1-800-654-2776, your message will be returned promptly or via email at [email protected]

What should I wear to my class reunion?

The common attire for a high school class reunion wear: comfortable clothing. Lots of time people chose to go out and buy something new the week before or day of, more than likely it’ll be something that you feel makes you look good. In reality, you probably have that outfit already in your closet and have had several compliments on it already. Our advice is to come comfortable so that you can enjoy your evening and time with friends and not worry about whether or not your clothing is staying in place, your shoes are too tight or your hair is out of place. Comfort is the key to enjoying yourself at your high school reunion and being you.

Can I attend if I didn’t graduate from that high school but attended many years with most of the high school alumni?

Yes. You should contact the professional reunion planner who is assisting you with managing your high school class reunion. Give them your contact information and request an invitation. They will be more than happy to extend the invitation to you and include you in the class alumni list.

Can I bring a guest?

Most high school reunions allow guest participation as several class alumni may not feel comfortable attending without their guest. Check with the professional reunion planner to find out what the guest registration fee is.

I’m a teacher, can I attend the reunion?

Teachers are never turned away. Its added excitement to the class alumni when they find out that their teacher is going to attend the class reunion. It is advised to make sure you announce to the committee chairperson or professional reunion planner that you would like to attend. There may possibly be a nominal dinner charge.

What reunion games are normally played at high school reunions?

We would like to suggest that you visit one of our vendor member’s websites, Reunion Magazines at www.reunionsmag.com, to find out more about High School Class Reunion Games. Most high school reunions do not participate in ‘games’ but Award Programs (see question below).

What types of Award/Programs are presented at class reunions?

Keep it simple and fun and totally volunteer based. Here are some of the more popular ideas listed below.

1. Most Popular program: Have an award program where you ask questions to get to know the class alumni better (i.e. who traveled the furthest? who has the most children? etc. and give them fun awards such as who traveled the furthest …have the local paper donate one year subscription to the person).

2. Slide Presentation: Use a slide presentation from old photographs (either from the high school class yearbook or photos you and the class reunion committee might have between you)

3. Speech by prominent high school class alumni: Direct the speech around a round table/round robin kind of theme with questions from your class year. (I.e. Jeopardy style questions like ‘who can tell me our class song?’ or ‘what was our principal’s name?’); give out awards that associate with the question or answer.

4. Trivia Speech: Make a speech directed around the trivia from that year (i.e. commercials, foods in style then, clothing in style then, favorite hang-outs, sports events, etc.)

5. Simple Speech: Keep it simple, welcome attendees and guests, let them know the evening agenda and invite them to participate in the next high school class reunion planning committee. Nice and simple

I’m starting the process of planning a high school class reunion, where can I find someone to help me?

Planning your high school reunion has never been easier. All it takes is a call to a NARM-member reunion planner. NARM member reunion planners are located across the country and can be readily found right through reunions.com. Just click on “Find a Reunion Planner” and you’re sure to find a NARM member in your area.

With a professional reunion plannering experience and contacts, planning your high school reunion will be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Do you manage Family Reunions?

We suggest that you contact one of our vendor member’s websites, Reunions Magazine at www.reunionsmag.com. They have a wealth of information on family and military reunions and should be able to assist you in your family reunion needs. Most professional reunion planners who are a member of NARM focus on planning high school reunions.

Do you manage Military Reunions?

Most professional reunion planners who are a member of NARM focus on planning high school reunions. There are a small handful of reunion planners that plan other types of reunions during the off-season. We suggest that you contact the professional reunion planners in your area first. You can locate the reunion planners in your area by going to www.reunions.com, clicking on ‘find reunion planner’, select the state in which your reunion will be held, then click ‘find reunion planner’. Several will be listed, please contact them for further details.
If you find none are available to assist, I would then suggest that you contact one of our vendor member’s websites, Reunions Magazine at www.reunionsmag.com. They have a wealth of information on family and military reunions and should be able to assist you in your family reunion needs.

I’ve given my personal contact information to the reunion planner, what is done with it after the reunion?

The members of NARM do not sell or solicit your personal information. The Professional High School Class Reunion Planners of NARM have strict Industry Standards and a Code of Ethics that members abide by. Distributing this information would be a breech in those guidelines. The members of NARM keep the data for future class reunions. Some reunion planners offer the found high school alumni list to the high school class reunion committee chairperson, if they request it. If you would like more details, we suggest that you ask the professional reunion planner assisting your reunion committee.

Where can I find a yearbook for my class or school?

The school library. A former classmate or high school alumni might have one that you can photocopy. Another option is to check www.ebay.com or another auction site on which high school yearbooks are often sold. A new trend gaining popularity is high school class yearbooks on CD.  You can search the web to find a company that does this.